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Sell a Home

Selling a house can be challenging. We are here to guide you throughout the whole process, from setting a good price and marketing the property to closing the deal.

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Selling you Property

Selling your property is big step in personal and family finances, but also a huge emotional leap. Smart Equity Realty understands that clash of emotions and motivations. Our goal is to sell your beloved property in the best possible deal as a way to show our respect fo your belongings and financial plans.

There is much more to selling a house than just setting a price and listing it. Let us guide you through the whole process, lets do it together!

Are you ready to cash-out?

When to Sell?

The correct timing can make a substantial diefference on your final sale price. Seasonality, as well as holidays, current mortgage rates and overall market trends can make a big difference. Our staff has plenty of experience in these topics and will help you to sell your property in th most profitable way.

Are you ready to cash-out?

Before Selling

So you have decided on selling your property? There are many steps between your decision to sell and the final deal, and our agents will be there to guide you. Appraisal, home inspection, and even some necessary renovations could be requiered and we will be happy to advise you so that your property hits the market at its full potential.

Are you ready to cash-out?

Closing the Deal

The seller is under no obligation to take on a given offer. Seller has the option to reject, counteroffer, pull out or wait for a better offer. Other financial cues come into play in this part of the process were your maximum benefit is in our best interest. Lets walk this path together.

Thank you Smart Equity Realty for making our sale as smooth as possible. Special thanks to Ivan for having patiencewith us and making sure we understood everything before signing anything. Thank you all and God bless.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is the best time ever! Housing prices in California have been constantly rising since 2010. However, it is unknown how longer this trend will carry on, specially since the post-pandemic economy is facing a gradual slowdown as well as a rising inflation. The effects of world order instability can also play an important role in pricings but its effects remain unknown.

There are some very popular online property value calculators that may help you reach a starting point that helps to better understand the current housing market prices and will give you an estimated price for your property. Nontheless these online estimates are not intended for real appraising since they are not 100% reliable. Professional input is always recomended for setting a realistic price.
Online estimates (including Zillow Zestimate) work with an automated algorithm that compares prices of similar properties with similar areas and characteristic in nearby locations, in order to determine your home’s value. This calculations can be sometimes innacurate since they don’t take into account many variable that a professional appraiser will find. A recent review on Chicago home values found out Zestimate discrepancies ranging fom 10% to around 60% of a home’s professionally assessed value. It is highly, recommended to seek for an expert’s advise.

The average selling times for homes in the U.S. ranges from 50 to 75 days until the closing deal is finalized as of 2021. This means as little as 16 days in the market until an offer is accepted and an additional 30-40 day closing period before the property is officially sold. Keep in mind that this is an average, actualtimes may vary.

Real Estate commission, home repairs, home inspection, closing costs, additional fees and taxes are among the the most common seller’s expenses. This costs are offset by the selling profits.
Incorrect or unrealistic pricing is the main reason for a property not to sell. Non-compliant home inspections and extended closing times can also make a deal fall apart, but most importantly having a house in a state of disreapir can drive potential buyers away from a purchase. Professional assistance will help you to obtain the most profit out of your property.
Selling a home is a massive undertaking, with plenty of steps, instances, permits, people and binding documents involved. It is an Agent’s job to make that experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible, while still negotiationg in your best interests. Your Realtor is there to lead the overall process on your behalf.

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