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We are commited to making your home buying proccess as easy as possible as we know that financing can be intimidating but it doesn’t need to be that way.

So you’ve selected a home...

Are you pre-approved?

A preapproval or “prequalification”is an essential part of homebuying, it allows you bid for a property while knowing your price range for a home loan based on your credit score, credit history, current debt and other factors. There are some ways in which you can improve your credit score and increase your home price range, let us help you.

Before buying

What should I know?

A pre-approval means a lender has looked at your financial background and determined how much home you can afford. This will help you set a realistic target while saving you valuable time.

The more the merrier.

Your credit score (sometimes referred to as FICO® score) is a numerical rating that represents your creditworthiness. Scores typically range from 300 to 850, the higher, the better.

Most horizontal properties have an administration fee for home owners.

Do you work as an employee for a company, are you self employed or both?

Need more help?

We've got the most suitable personnel to assist you with this part of the process.

Are you ready to take the final step?
Don’t be afraid.
Buying a home is the single most important investment that you’ll make in your life. We are here to make things easy for you, to guide you through the whole proccess and to make it happen.

Are you ready?

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